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New Releases...

Our most recent new release May 7 was Children of America. Today is Memorial Day and given that Children is a patriotic song, it seems to be getting a lot of listeners today. Nice. We also released a video for this song, which you can view on this website. The best part of the video comes at the end: Topel kissing his baby sister. My appearance in the video is limited to me sitting in a high chair, about age one.

Upcoming release on June 7 is a tune called Cowboy of the Highway. The genre for this song is similar to Children, kind of mellow country. Again, this tune is largely Topel's doing, with Michael writing the lyrics and melody and singing it. For those of you wondering, yes, I do occasionally get involved in Topel and Ware's song production. Our best streaming spiritual song is Resurrection, an Easter song about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. That song is mostly my doing. Okay, so why do we team up if we're putting out songs mostly feature just one of us? Well, that's not normally the case. Most of our songs are genuine collaborations, with one of us introducing an idea or partial song and then both of us working it through to completion. There is no question that collaborating produces better results and is a lot more fun.

Our next release in early July will be a spiritual song, possibly one we wrote (together :) ) about the 23rd Psalm. Big fans of King David. Stay tuned for news on more releases and news from Happy Place Recording studio, which is where we cook up songs.


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