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  • Jim Ware

September Release - "Dancer in the Rain"

Written and recorded originally in 1990, a new bass part was added for this release. The song describes the plight of a young, unhappily married woman who is ready to leave her insensitive husband. They live in a suburban mansion where she finds peace and safety in the greenhouse. On the night that she decides to confront him, a storm rolls in. Thunder and lightning are the metaphors for the challenge she faces. Once, he was her hero, who swept her off her feet and gave her a fairytale life, with status and riches. Now he has become the dragon in the fairytale that she must slay. The singer of the song is her longtime friend and would-be lover. (She married the “bad boy” instead.) In the bridge, the friend professes his love: “Ballerina, you know it’s true, I’m here for you…” The musical arrangement of the song is purposely simple, acoustic picking, to highlight the intimacy. The bass guitar enters at the chorus to underscore the thunder and rain in the lyric. The harmonies have a distinctly Simon and Garfunkel feel.


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