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  • Jim Ware

Heartbreakers, new July 2023 release

Our latest album, Heartbreakers, is now re-released on all music apps. (We took it down because we wanted to remove one song and add another, which requires taking the entire album down, Ugh.) I want to brag on my music partner, Mike Topel, because he wrote and sang most of these songs. Unfortunately, these great tunes are the result of him getting his heart stomped on, such is the cost of artistic inspiration. But truly, Mike is so talented. When I get out of the way, amazing things happen. Take a listen to the first song on the album, For Lovers' Plans.

The tune we truly collaborated on is Manhattan Blue. Never would have guessed when writing it years ago that my daughter, Alex, would graduate from NYU as a dance major and live in NYC. Next release will be a spiritual album called Spirit Sings. All of these songs are recently written and recorded, so we will have to update our photos from the ones taken "back in the day" to current ones!


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