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  • Jim Ware

Cowboy of the Highway

New release today, June 7, on Spotify and other music apps. If you're wondering why we use vintage (i.e. old) photos for our releases, it's not due to vanity--well, actually it is--but also the fact that this song was recorded back when we actually looked like that! We are also releasing new songs which will be accompanied by horrifying photos of what we look like now. We are bouncing back and forth between old and new songs (recently written and recorded) and Christian and Non-Christian songs. So, that should confuse our listeners and keep them guessing...

Grateful to see that almost 3,000 people have started following us in the short time--one month--that we've gone life. We plan to release a lot of songs this year, probably one or two each month. Song ideas keep dribbling out, "STOP US BEFORE WE WRITE AGAIN!"


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