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Music that touches the heart and mind

Topel and Ware are reborn. As a songwriting team and as spirits. Years ago we were writing love songs--ballads, rock'n'roll, country, and pop. All those tunes are available on this website and on music platforms like Spotify. Now our music tastes have broadened to include spiritual inspirations, and to reflect our own deeper journey into faith. We've released two albums in this regard: Spirit Sings and The Heart of Jesus. The former is more ecumenical, the latter is inspired by the teachings of Jesus. 

Thanks to Spotify and all the other music plaforms, we can choose whatever genre we are moved to write in and find listeners. Our spiritual songs have found a home, as have our ballad, rock, and country tunes. This website will give you updates on what we are creating and some background on the new songs. Thanks for joining us on this musical journey of heart and mind. 



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Topel and Ware - "Turn Inside"